3D Database Update......?

vertigo 101 Jun 05, 2006 at 23:19

Hey Guys,

Been a DevMaster member for some time and think its great, logon at least four five times a day.

Is it just me or is the 3D Engine database NOT being updated as often as it use to?


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Frank_Skilton 101 Jun 07, 2006 at 14:27

I tend to agree. I see many engines in the database that are around two years old and clearly haven’t been worked on or updated in quite some time.

If the purpose of the database is to showcase as many game engines in existence as possible, regardless of whether they are still active or not, that’s fine.

If the database is supposed to be a comprehensive listing of engines that are still alive then it would be nice if the obsolete engines listed were slowly removed.

Either way, this is still great website.

dk 158 Jun 07, 2006 at 18:52

The database editor has left us, which explains the slow updates. We will be bringing in a new editor shortly and he’ll hopefully bring it back up-to-date.

Nils_Pipenbrinck 101 Jun 10, 2006 at 19:17

I think the overall quality of the database sucks.

Just for a test I checked the entry for gamebryo, and it looks more than a whish than a feature list (yes, I worked with it).


Methulah 101 Jun 13, 2006 at 04:09

Well, once can’t expect the engine database administrators to use every engine, particularly the commercial ones. They can only go on what they are told by those who submit the engine. If you can prove the listing is wrong, by all means write a review about it saying that.

monjardin 102 Jun 13, 2006 at 20:53

The database seems more useful for attracting users to DevMaster than for actually selecting an engine. I must admit, I have hardly ever looked at the thing. There is a ton of data in it. So, it would be a shame if it faded into irrelevance. :sad:

Anonymous Jun 21, 2006 at 04:08

I used to database on this site like every few hrs….but that was a long time ago..

This site no longer remains my “homepage”…

Plz update the database !

Anonymous Jun 24, 2006 at 18:41

Atleast let us know when we can expect the new “Database Editor” ?

Frank_Skilton 101 Jun 09, 2007 at 03:21

Recycling this post rather than creating a new one.

I’ve submitted a few updates for some of the engines listed in the database and have yet to see them come through.

I’d like to offer my services, if needed, to assist with the maintenance of the engine database. I’d be quite happy to sort through the database, review and administer updates and do what ever else was necessary to help keep the information on the database as accurate and up to date as possible.

Please PM me if you’re interested, DevMaster staff.