Code Snapshot -> Wiki?

eddie 101 Jan 31, 2006 at 16:57


What would people think if the code-snapshot discussion bit was made into a wiki article, once the thread “dies”?

The reason I mention it is that reading an entire thread forum that’s disjointed and stilted (and often derailed several times) is a bit of pain, when all you’re looking at is a reference.

Ideally, in my opinion, a thread would be posted, a discussion would be started, once the thread reaches fruition (read: death), the original poster (or the person who’s been most active in the discussion if the OP doesn’t want to) takes all the arguments/criticisms/interesting points from the thread and forms a Wiki article. The Wiki article would then link back to the thread in question, in case people want to see the “raw” form, or put questions.

That way you can get a concise way of reading things (the Wiki), and a raw way where you can post questions (the thread)?

Perhaps this might be a bit much to ask, but if others think it’s a good idea, perhaps we could exert positive “peer-pressure” to posters of good code snippets to publish things on the Wiki. Heck, maybe even a reward system? (I dunno: does VBulletin offer anything? Or if the DevMaster guys have swag, who knows. :)).

Just a thought!

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z80 101 Jan 31, 2006 at 20:42

Yeah, you’re right! Stuff like that, of course, should be a wiki article. But it’s probably gonna be hard to force people to act a certain way and make them write an article. Wiki articles should be written by people feeling like it. The problem is probably that the devmaster community is a bit too small still to have lots of people wanting to update.

monjardin 102 Jan 31, 2006 at 22:13

Is there an RSS feed for the wiki? I hardly ever check it.
Anyway, I think its a good idea (code-snapshots going in the wiki).

Jynks 101 Feb 01, 2006 at 10:14

I think a place to store random code that are stripped from a thread is a great idea!!! Just link them together and perhaps a summery, and you got a great resource. Even more if the person is totally stumped at the start of the thread.

Are you planning on using the Wiki as a code depository?