Hello, multiple issues addressed

PnP_Bios 101 Oct 19, 2005 at 19:48

Hello, i’m kind of still new to this community, but I have quite a bit to offer. As of right now, I have a fairly complete tutorial covering most of the core features. For a while, I was in negotiation with gamedev.net to host them, but I am no longer visiting that site, and requested they don’t host them.

So, I would like to have them hosted over here, if that isn’t too outreagous of a proposal. The problem with where they are now is that it’s on my school’s server share. I don’t plan on going to school for the rest of my life, and I would like to find a good home for them.

For anybody interested, here is the URL https://mavdisk.mnsu.edu/longaj/cornerstone.htm

If somebody could get in contact with me about how to transfer the content over to here if interested, that would be great.

Another question I have is I have started writing a python tutorial geared toward C programmers, and I would like to host that here as well. Before I get going to far, I was wondering if it would better to do 5 or 6 tutorials to get a head start as far as content goes, or if I should just go ahead and run the first one through.

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Nodlehs 101 Oct 19, 2005 at 20:07

Pretty sure that the DevMaster.net wiki(http://www.devmaster.net/wiki/Main_Page) allows for all to add stuff, and a lot of the new content to this site goes there. So I would suggest going head first and adding your stuff to the wiki.

NomadRock 101 Oct 19, 2005 at 22:23

Yes, putting it up in the wiki allows for better integration as far as style is concerned as well.

Noor 101 Oct 20, 2005 at 00:42

You might want to check this out:


I believe your stuff would be very suitable for the wiki.

anubis 101 Oct 20, 2005 at 05:26

If you have problems with wiki editing drop me or Reedbeta a line…

While editing the wiki you should also check what content, your tutorials cover, is already present.

bladder 101 Oct 20, 2005 at 06:02

Going over your tutorials, they do look like great wiki material. The great part about putting them in a wiki is the ability to cross reference with everything. Makes things a lot more slick.

As for your other question. It’d be best to get at least 3 or so tutorials fleshed out before posting one. Because a lot of the times when you start a tutorial series you make one, then realize you can’t continue (for whatever reason).

anubis 101 Oct 20, 2005 at 11:08

You also might want to check out the SDL tutorial currently in the wiki and see how that overlaps with your tutorials. Maybe you can write a follow up on that article or consolidate your material with the stuff in the wiki