Church and Trees

excaliber 101 Apr 21, 2005 at 20:34


This is a screenshot of my editor. In this picture, we see a church mesh placed within a forest.

-Landscape: The landscape was loaded from a heightmap. It was then edited using the in-editor dynamic landscape shaping tools (a small selection of “brushes” can be used to achieve various effects). The landscape was then textured with a large texturemap, and a smaller “detail” map was then added on top (for when the camera is close to the ground)

–Generation: The forest was generated from a bound region in the editor. The Foilage class allows me to define a polygonal region (sadly, no splines, but thats not really needed) and randomly populate it with tree meshes. The class takes parameters such as average seperation, density, number of meshes, etc. The class is not limited to just trees, but can randomly place whatever desired mesh (rocks, grass, shrubs, houses, etc). For discussion on determining if a point is in the region: Determine_if_a_point_is_in_region article on TV3DFilez Wiki
–Dynamic LOD: The tree mesh is dynamically adjusted (via loading lower detail meshes) based on distance. The above forest scene has over 200 trees (many off camera), but only the front few are fully detailed. The second level LOD is a low poly outline of the tree, and the third level is a simple billboard.

-Lighting: The editor has full day-night cycle that runs off a unified WorldTime class.

Another shot from farther back and above:

This sample was made with Truevision3D. Truevision is amazingly powerful and allows you to create complex scenes at astounding speed. Im thoroughly amazed at how A) fast the graphics are and B) how quickly this application was made. The above is the result of little under 10 hours of coding. It is a truely amazing engine.

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bladder 101 Apr 22, 2005 at 16:52

That looks pretty great. Seems like truvision offers some great productivity if you can get something like that running in about two days, really sweet.

kariem2k 101 Jun 25, 2005 at 12:48

hi excaliber how is merlin :D
:clapping: very good images ,well done
i have one small question,the screenshots from what version of truevision ,6.2 or 6.5 beta?