vampire bloodlines

anubis 101 Feb 23, 2005 at 01:05

has anyone else played vampire bloodlines yet ?
wow… this is such a great game. despite the technical problems, the last time i felt so bound to a game was probably fallout. i played the pen and paper game quite a long time ago so maybe that’s why the game is especially apealing to me… the grade of freedom is awsome for a pc rpg (similiar to deus ex but since the setting is in present LA the feeling of actually walking in a real environment was much bigger).
the emphasis is clearly more on dialog than on combat (up until the end… the last part is slashing 100%) and lets you solve quests in many ways by seducing people, playing the big evil vampire to scare people off, etc.
what i also liked very much was that it actually mattered what character class you played, besides some variations in the stats. if you play the ugly nosferatu vampires for example you have to lurk around the severs so people don’t see you because you would be recognized as a monster imediatly. with the insane malkavian vampires you have to go through really weired dialogs with people to get what you want (they also built in very funny little situations suddenly your tv starts to talk with you or something else weired happens). these special characteristics of each line of vampires totally changes the way you have to play the game, which adds a great amount of replay value (which in find is pretty uncommon for this type of game… normally once the story is told the fun is gone for me).
well… i’m really starting with the enthusiastic blabbering :) go play the game, it’s really really worth the money (just don’t forget to install the f*** patch).

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