{templated} .X file reading

Morgoth 101 Feb 09, 2005 at 12:53

Hello everyone!

To begin with, I want to apolgogize in advance if my question has appeared in the forums before and just slipped my attention (i DID take a look :-)

I need some guidance on reading .X files based on templates (no premade D3DX functions as LoadMeshFromX e.t.c)

At the time i can parse the top level children “nodes”, (and i think it can be done recursively for any depth), but i still can’t figure out how to read the actual data!

I haven’t found any good resources about it and I find the SDK doc a bit confusing on the matter…


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bladder 101 Feb 09, 2005 at 13:38

First of all you need to get the guid of the template that is currently being parsed. Then you lock the id3dxfiledata object and it gives you a pointer to data (depending on the template being used).

All types can be gotten by copying “data type size” bytes from the pointer returned by the lock operation. The only type to watch out for is the string type which returns the address of the string in memory. You need to take care of freeing that memory later on as well. so something like:

dword sz;
char* data;
pdata->lock( &sz, &data );
// stract whatever you need form data then

If you’re having trouble recursing an xfile then you can check my site in my sig. Goto the meshes section in the tutorials section and check the parsing and x file tutorial. The recursive framework for parsing an xfile is all defined and explained there.

Morgoth 101 Feb 09, 2005 at 14:04

Thanx a lot!

Funny how i didn’t stumble upon your page before… :)
Very good material!