Which Delphi Game Development Library

tadruj 101 Jan 23, 2005 at 21:35

I would like to develop some physics simulations and games.

I want to use Delphi because I get things done quickly there. I can read & understand C/C++ and almost any other mainstream language, but still “Knowing the path is not walking the path; I walk my path in Delphi.”

I am interested what do You use with Delphi and what do You recommend.

I need a library (in order of importance)
* MUST work in Delphi
* MUST have a large user base to get support and documentation from
* MUST support DirectX 9 - focus on 3D graphics not on AI and Physics - I do that
+ Open License
+ Portable to other platforms
+ Physics, AI, GUI stuff, 2D

I don’t mind paying up to 1000$/Euro for unlimited devel. license with source

I am very interested in oppinons of people who “Walk their path in Delphi” and USE the libraries, have screenshots, open code or demos to show what they’ve done in Delphi.

Best Regards, Rok/Slovenia

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tadruj 101 Jan 27, 2005 at 20:57

After days of research I found out that TrueVison3D is the best 3D graphics library there is for intermediate/advanced Delphi programmer.

It has good Docs, good Delphi examples, good chat and forum support, it’s cheap and a lot more.