sick of sex

pat_mathis 101 Jan 03, 2005 at 05:41

Just rescently I split ways with my girl friend. It was my call because she had lied to me that I considered to be a very big deal. But her obsesive phone calls only doubled from there; I counted 30 phone calls in half an hour at it’s peak (no exageration, 30!). Then when she finally cornered me at a New Year’s Eve party, I let loose on her. I called her a liar, she lied again to my face and started making this elaborite, even bigger lie. So, I told her that I just needed space and let me breath for a while. She wouldn’t hear it and the merry-go-round of conversation continued. I finally just got up with out saying any thing and walked away at “just friends” (A female invention, no doubt).

Well a few days later me and my two buddies went out wit her and another girl (also an ex). ‘Akward’ needs a new elaboration. Worst of all I was the Designated Driver and had to face things sober. :eek: Well after some guy off my ship caused a huge scene and got his head kicked in and me being the only sober person there I had to tend to the guy and call 9-11. Well, that about made me the biggest ass to every one around. The girls hated me for the rest of the night.

Ultimatly we decided around 4:00 am to head back to room and do some drinking there (FINALY, I COULD DRINK!!! :D ). Well my buddies asked my to pick up some food for us, so being dd I had to. When I got back to the room and knocked one the door all the “hold on”s and “give me the covers” made it abondently clear what was up. I walked in and didn’t even look at them (this is what is known as the “magic curton”). Sat down on the floor in the corner and pollished off two litters of captain, about 10 beers, and half a bottle of wine.

Every one there made me feel like I had to appoligise for my existance, but wouldn’t let me take off. And before my more rescent ex took off she told me that she still loved me and asked me if I was mad. I wasn’t really. Well, if I was even a little I wouldn’t show her it. That’s what she wanted.

When things like this normally happen (and they always do), I just hook up with a new girl ASAP. But this time it was different. I get sick even thinking about sex. which I feel very wierd about. I just want to go out and have fun (sex or no sex). But every thing that I’ve been going through this year has really done a number on my morale and it’s damn near impossible to get over it.

Maybe it’s me. But has any one else ever felt this way?

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Ed_Mack 101 Jan 03, 2005 at 17:40

Sounds like you’re disenfranchised with the entire socialising thing - and after that story it’s no wonder :) Listen to your gut instinct, and pour your energies into other things like hobbies, creativity and code; and recognise you don’t have any problems, you just need to heal for a while.

Of course, IANAP :tongue:

pat_mathis 101 Jan 03, 2005 at 21:06

yeah that does make alot of sense. I think maybe I’m just sick of it cause I’ve been so down as well as just “turned off” to it all.

anubis 101 Jan 03, 2005 at 22:58

i never felt that way about sex but i think i know the feeling. when i broke up with my first big relationship it took me over two years to feel real love again. i had no problems with going out and having fun but the whole emotional thing was totally cut off. after a while i realized that it was a pure matter of trusting other people. i felt betrayed so i unconsciously chose to drive everything away from me that had anything to do with love. other people here probably share the same experience. so, the bottom line is that over time you’ll get over it. in fact i think these events in life serve a purpose as long as you don’t drown in their aftermath.

pat_mathis 101 Jan 04, 2005 at 04:29


Apretiated, but I assure you this is nothing to do with love. Ah, I’m just being pissy. Maybe I’ll hook up with the 3rd friend in the ring and get another buddy to help me break up with her too… :lol: