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sowboy 101 Dec 26, 2004 at 16:15

I am planning to do a project in windows. It needs some GUI.

I am a Java programmer (J2EE/Swing) (7 years) and also familiar with C (both on linux O/S) (20 years). I have learn C++ from C++ primer for 3 months(not so familiar as I dont use it for 6 years).

I am planning to buy 4 books to migrate to windows: programming windows [1], a book for visual C++, a book for C# and a book for .NET framework.

[1] Programming Windows, Fifth Edition by Charles Petzold

Any suggestion for the appropriate books would be very much appreciated.
Is [1] a bit outdated? Any better alternative?


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Mihail121 102 Dec 27, 2004 at 07:22

I believe “Programming Windows” is not outdated because the Win32 API has not changed much over the years and Mr. Petzold is known as the guru of Windows programming. I believe the inteface won’t reshaped in Longhorn too, but we’ll see anyway.

Now that Visual C++ book seems like waste of money to me, since the half of the book probably only explains how to use Micro$oft’s C++ IDE. A better option is to get a C++ book only so that you can actually learn the language.