Naval Scuttlebutt (gosip)

pat_mathis 101 Dec 15, 2004 at 12:48

If any one here has the misfortunate lack of foresight that would lead one to join the Navy, you will learn real fast that sharing a pier really sucks. I just got this one ship from Washington here and they’ve been underway for five months with nothing to blow thier pay on. So naturally when the hit guam, most notabley known for it’s swamping bars, you can imagine such havock that occurs.

Tonight as my girl friend dropped me off at the gate, I watched as two middle aged/elderly men exit a cab. As they where getting out I could clearly hear shouting. Then one of these guys leaned over and popped the cabby (who probably deserved it knowing guam cabs) in the head. I later walked up to the two going back to my boat to discover that one was in fact a senior chief and the other a :excl: MASTER :excl: chief (that’s the highest and 2nd highest rank you can be and not be an officer)!!!

Well as if matters weren’t enough, upon reaching my boat, there where four police cars pulling a couple of guys off the liberty van. They where pretty beaten down (half by the MA’s I assume), and there was a guy who was histarical. He was going on about how he just got frocked (made) and that he was going to loose it because the guy who was now hitting a female MA (master at arms, MP to you civies) in the teeth with his head (the cuffs where already on) was in fact his liberty buddy. Well being the good ship-mate I am tried to calm him down and walk him to his ship’s brough, but he wanted nothing of it. I guess no one explaned to him that it’s an unwritten law in the navy that no one gets chief unless they go to see the old man at least once. Well I did my best to calm him, then gave up just in time. A MA from my ship took over (another female as in most MA’s, why is that I wonder), and the dumb ass popped her in the head. Well god bless her because she straightend her self out and informed that guy as well as a multitude of other individuals to clear out. She never even asked for the guys name!

Thank you Jim Bob that none of this was in relation to my ship or I would never hear the end of it. Plus I’d get flak just for being on the same ship.

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