Combined Arms Game looking for Coders and Skinners

Tsa_Rye 101 Dec 06, 2004 at 17:53

Starsiege:2845 by Clancore Design Group

We are always looking for enthusiastic, creative and confident team players who can work to tight deadlines, and still have fun doing it. However, be advised that this is not a paying gig. All work being done on the project by everyone is strictly voluntary. The only payoff will be widespread exposure of your work via major gaming news sites and periodicals, resume building, and the satisfaction of seeing your hard work actually being enjoyed by throngs of people and working with a professional team that gets things done.

Also please note, as we are using intellectual property owned by VU Games/Sierra and there will be access to sensitive information, as a staff member you will be required to sign Non Disclosure Agreements.

Job Title: Skinners
Responsibilities: Skinning of vehicles, avatars, buildings, terrain generation.
- Experience with graphics design packages, preferably Photoshop.
- Experience working with the UT2k3 engine a huge plus.
- Ability to emulate existing thematic styles a must.
- Please note candidates will be asked to provide a demo/portfolio.

If interested, please contact us directly
by emailing or

Job Title: Scripters/Coders
Responsibilities: Seeking dedicated scripters/coders with experience in OOP to play key roles in the development of this MOD.
- Must know UT scripting
- Must be well versed in replication
- Must be familiar with OOP
- Knowledge of javascript, java, and/or C++ is a bonus
- Ability to work well within a team atmosphere is a must.

If interested, please contact us directly by emailing or

Web Site:

Some samples of our work so far:












What are people saying about Starsiege: 2845?

“Based on what we’ve seen of the Starsiege 2845 mod, it will be as professional and polished as more conventional titles produced at more traditional studios.” - IGN

“The development team, staffed by volunteers from around the world, promises a lot, but it appears that everything is on track.” - Gamespot

”…All modders could take a few tips from Clancore Design Group. You can expect good things from this project.” -Computer Games

“In terms of both textures and overall design, the art looks fantastic. Starsiege 2845 provides ample inspiration for other modmakers.” -PC Gamer

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