MDI Child with DirectX Render-Devices....

SYS49152 101 Dec 06, 2004 at 14:51

atm iam coding on my editor and have a small problem.
the main apllication is an MDI Application.

when i do the render-preview window as an mdi-child the perfomance drops down.
i think the problem comes from the mdi-container.
since the render-preview form has no exclusive rights when it runs as mdi-child.

when i do the render-preview as an none mdi-child all is ok.

well i can live with this atm.

i wonder if there is any trick to run mdi-childs forms with the same perfomance like normal render-windows.

iam using c# +

the forms i use for the render-preview inherits the GraphicsSample class from microsoft used in the sdk.

( ofcourse there is problem ? )


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