FMod Crash In FSOUND_Update

SpreeTree 101 Oct 18, 2004 at 11:16

I dont think I have ever read an FMod post on here, but it’s worth a try. This is a copy of a post I posted on the FMod bulliten board…. Maybe someone here will have a suggestion?

Im a new user to FMod, and so far everything has been going well. None streaming samples play as they should, but I am having a serious probelm with streaming samples

The problem is, FMod will crash in FSOUND_Update when I have requested a sample to be played. Removing the FSOUND_INIT_STREAM_FROM_MAIN_THREAD flag from FSOUND_Init just causes the FMod thread to crash when streaming.

Is this a common problem with a common answer?

Here is a bit more information about the stream setup.
Firstly the streaming samples provided with the SDK work, so I know it is not a computer related issue. I have used the same set up steps as the samples, in FSOUND_Stream_Open i have tried a variety of flags, including the ones used in the samples, but i dont see how this could be a problem as the function does not return an error.

The FSOUND_Stream_SetBufferSize function is set to 1000 as per the samples also, and I am using a wav file that is used in the samples (jbtennis.wav)

I am using FSOUND_SetMemorySystem and assigned a 10MB heap (which sould be plenty enough), though the crash still occurs if i remove this function.

I am not attempting to change the positon, volume or frequency of the channel that has been assigned

The driver that is being used is the Primary Sound Driver via DirectSound. The sound card is RealTek AC’97.

Hopefully I havn’t missed anything out there. And I hope someone else can help me out. I am unable to test the code on another PC at the moment, but hopefully this can be solved by someone out there

Thanks in advance

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SpreeTree 101 Oct 18, 2004 at 16:31

Hey, just ignore me, I managed to solve the problem…

You ever wonder why you bother programming when really you should be back in primary school learning to read again…