McCloud 101 Sep 25, 2004 at 10:39


I am busy with a project, that uses openAL.

Loading a wav file works and changing the gain is the only function that i can get to work.
When i try to position the source, it doesnt work! I tried using mono wavs, mono wavs converted from stereo wavs, but there is no difference. AND i dont know the reference point for making a difference when changing the distance of the source.

eg. setting the source as follows => sourcePos[0] = 2.0, sourcePos[1] = 0.0, sourcePos[3] = 0.0 => these settings should offset the source to the left or right (doesnt matter, just want it to work), right?? And then attaching it like this alSourcefv(source,AL_POSITION,sourcePos); should work? :wacko:

What could be wrong?

And, the states of openAL dont work properly, am i correct? For eg, if i play a wav, and have a while loop just after alSourcePlay(source); where the evaluating condition in the while loop is AL_PLAYING, i think this is wrong, but what other variable in openAL will allow the loop to run as long as the wav is playing, and stop as soon as the wav stops?

(Excuse me if this post isnt structure well)

McCloud :sad:

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Mihail121 102 Sep 25, 2004 at 12:43

Dunno about your problem (never looked deep enough in OAL) but it certainly seems to work correct in Unreal Warfare and other engines…

lestat 101 Feb 20, 2005 at 06:53

what loader of wav files do you use, if aluts loader i dont now.
But i written my loader for wav files. i can help or can give you module from my engine.
Write lestat[at]