one computer with multi screen

zhebincong 101 Sep 17, 2004 at 01:02

the winform project(java swing or c#) require that the ONE computer connect to TWO screens,the screen1 is the operation form screen,the screen2 run a map winform app,the two screen are SYNCHRONIZED.that means if you input the query condition in the screen1 and click query button,the screen2 should highlight the location in the map,if you move the mouse to the screen2 and click somewhere,the detailed info should be displayed in the screen1.
who can give me a big look about how to program such multi screen win form application?are they TWO application?how can i run them in the different screen that are connected to the SAME computer?how the two application run on different screen communicate with each other?

thank you!!

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SnprBoB86 101 Sep 17, 2004 at 02:28

Well to test this, you are going to need a multi monitor system.

Pick up a new card and another monitor and give it a try. Go to the settings tab of the windows display properties (right click->properties on your desktop).

You should be able to figure it all out in a matter of seconds.