kiranss 101 May 13, 2004 at 13:43


I am using JMF and am able to pickup audio through the mic and transmit it over the network by creating an RTP session for each media track.
I am currently using the GSM media format. I’m still having a delay in the transmit if the receivers end is a slow network.

Hence i am looking forward to use speex codec (jspeex) to compress the audio further before transmitting.

I am also able to use jspeex to Encode a .wav file to .spx file and can Decode it back from .spx to .wav file. Where .spx is a highly compressed format.
I am having problems trying to incorporate the jspeex encoder into my Transmitter and jspeex decoder into my receiver.

If any one has worked on a similar area, can you share your idea with me.

Thanks in advance

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