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chingchingching 101 Apr 29, 2004 at 14:07

Which is better to begin game developing in? Would Blitz 3D or Torque be better for a beginner such as me who has no prior knowledge of scripting whatsoever to begin making a game. Please excuse my ignorance.

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anubis 101 Apr 29, 2004 at 14:25

first of all torque is an entire engine (i’m not familliar with the scripting system it uses) and blitz basic (blitz 3d comes with assests, editors and whatnot, right?) is a scripting language suited to easily develop games. blitz basic has in it’s favor that it is know to be stable, is written by a legend of the amiga days and has a broad user base. torque on the other hand has garagegames around it which is a pretty big community, too. the prize should be comparable (100$ for torque and 99$ for blitz 3d). i haven’t used torque my self (neither did i touch blitz basic) so i can’t tell you from it first hand. in the end it depends on ehat you want to do… if you want to really get into game programming their is no way around a “real” programming language like c++ (which would account in torques favor since that is the language you will be developing in mainly should you use it). if you only want to dish out some flashy little games and don’t wan’t to get into the depths of programming itself i’d go for blitz

Adrian_T 101 Aug 11, 2004 at 05:48


Which is better to begin game developing in? Would Blitz 3D or Torque be better for a beginner such as me who has no prior knowledge of scripting whatsoever to begin making a game. Please excuse my ignorance. [snapback]8004[/snapback]

If you want to learn the fundamentals of games programming I’d recommend blitz basic. It’s not the old
10 print “blah blah”
20 goto 10

type of basic programing of the early 80’s and is a lot closer to C. It’s fairly fast and very flexible. the problem most people have with making a game from scratch is that blitz isn’t a 3d game engine its a language, and you will have to build your engine yourself.

there are tools and code sampled for many types of requirements, but you will essentially have to write your own engine and editor.

Torque comes in a pacage that would be daunting for a beginner, out of the box its havily geared towards FPS, and would require heavy modification, and a good understanding of C++ to make other types of games easily.

It has basic tools that the modding community is familiar with, ok support for 3d apps in regards to characters.

From an artist using 3dsmax Blitz3D is far better, as its a lot more flexible and gives the experienced artist a lotmore control of how the game looks without having to rely on the coders so much. THe amazing B3d pipeline exporter from Max to blitz 3d allows artists to use 3dsmax as their level editor, I believe that BLitz is the only low budget language out there that offers this kind of versatility.

THere is of course some shortcomings, one being that blitz3d works best with experienced artists and coders who know how to make optimizations, as in its most basic form its quite slow.

Bit tired to write much more. Torques biggest asset to me is the network code, and cross platform compatibility.

Blitz3D’s strongest points are ease of use, flexibility, shortcuts, and the best art path for 3dsmax on any affordable language. It also has a very good community that has created some VERY professional tools to help blitz users create games that look far better than one would normally asocciate with a DX7 game engine.

squidfishes 101 Aug 25, 2004 at 17:43

I haven’t dealt much with Blitz, but I’ve worked with Torque a bit. It does have a steep learning curve, and the documentation, while getting better, is still somewhat weak. It is a powerful engine, and is still improving, but does take some time to get used to. It has it’s own scripting system (Torque Script), but is similar to C++.

It does have an excellent community, and is certainly worth looking at.

Eul0gy 101 Sep 10, 2004 at 22:48

Torque is a good engine but it is BIG , u can do a lot with it just with the scripting language , which i have to say is pretty easy to pick up.

There is a whole site behind it which u can post questions and have the developers and vertern developers comming back to you .

To say that it is geared to FPS is true to an extent as it was used for Tribes to but there is a whole resourse section u can pour through and find Scripts and tutorials that will help u learn the scripting language . which can be used to change it to other types of games.

Due out in the next fee weeks will be the RTS Starter pack wich will be released with the engine . wich is a basic frame work to build from for making RTS games
and there is also the FPS starter pack which u can use for FPS games .

Also you can see from the site there is also a book that has been published that helps the beginner get off the ground ( doesn’t cover mutch C++ stuff) but it covers pretty mutch everything else , mostly TorqueScript.

And if u do get the C++ source code u can pick up a C++ book and learn the basics and start working your way through the C++ code . And i can say by doing this u may think u can;t do anything amazin to start with but your C++ knowledge and abilities will increase , and many people have found this out to be.

All i can say is if u go down the Torque route don’t expect things to happen over night but if u stick at it you will come out more the better at the end .