Game design

Murali_Krishna 101 Apr 03, 2004 at 02:15

i am intrested in deigning a game .
i dont know where to start from.
what languages do i know.
i am very much intrested in c++ , and to how extent should i know this language

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anubis 101 Apr 03, 2004 at 11:03

to write a real game you need much experience in your language of choice. i’d say 3+ years of using c++ is a minimum. so you should start out with writing something small like tetris :…ris_in_an_hour/
also you should learn to use one 3d api like opengl : or directx : (bladder will thank me later for advertising his site) both of these sites have good step by step tutorials. another site you might want to investigate is :
as for the game designing part : play a lot of games. especially take a look at those games you really liked and try to find out what it is that makes the game fun to play

bladder 101 Apr 04, 2004 at 03:30

muchos gracias senior anubis.

You should also get a diary and start jotting down anything and everything about the game you want to make. Then when you know enough C++ and OGL/D3D you can simply refer to that diary and start making a game.

Also this might be a little helpful for you.

_DC_3_Jp_Uk 101 Jun 12, 2004 at 11:24

Hi, im no expert on the 3D API scene atm, but be there soon I hope :P But…I have been using C++ for a bit, wrote a basic game before inhertiting my own classes from one’s we had to use etc anyway, one of main things to learn about games design is something called a ‘5 page pitch’ this is a 5 page document which has to attract the publishers straight away into funding your game. Generally it can stretch a bit longer than 5 pages but mainly 5 pages else the reader will get bored lol this 5 page pitch involves e.g. 1) Intro to set the scene of the game, describing look and feel 2) Game balance 3) Storyboards etc etc, there’s loads of articles out there and this stuff, also plently of book written by experts out there showing you how to get across your own game idea into a 5 page pitch etc you obviously can’t be taught how to come up with game idea’s, thats something that you have or you dont have, creativity or not but you can learn how to not wonder off and lose track of your original idea but harness it and work into the idea’s that you have and not work outwards with more and more stuff being added in and losing the plot.

fyhuang 101 Jun 12, 2004 at 13:26

First, to design a game, you need the design. Good games always have a solid design under them. Known as a design document, this defines what your game is going to be and all people working on the project adhere to it. The design document can (and should) change, as testers give their input, but the main concept and idea of the game should remain the same.

After you have the design down, you have to start programming the game. C++ is the language of choice in programming games (IMHO anyways). First you should pick up a C++ book at your local bookstore. Not just a beginner ‘tutorial’ or anything (‘C++ For Dummies’, ‘Learning C++ in 24 Hours’, that kind of stuff), but also a complete reference guide (‘C++: How To Program’), because you’ll need it in a few years. 3-4 years at the minimum is required (IMHO again) to program a game with DirectX or anything else COM-based. 2 years for OGL, because the API is much easier to understand.

I would personally suggest that you get a book on DOS game programming. Although they may be ‘old’ or ‘outdated’, DOS programming enables you to learn many things you wouldn’t be able to learn as easily in the Windows world (i.e. plotting pixels, simple OO based programming, palettes, animation, system-level stuff, sprite drawing, … …). I’m not saying you can’t, but why bother with all that HWND and WNDCLASSEX stuff when you can just have an int main() and start making simple games??? For this, get a book like the ‘Black Art of 3D Game Programming’ (LaMothe).

Once you feel you’re ready, I would suggest starting with OpenGL. Create simple windows and make little OGL demos with, like, spinning cubes or something. Then, get a real book on game programming, because you’ll need to learn the structure so your code doesn’t become spaghetti-code. One great book here (DirectX) is ‘Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX’ (Jim Adams). It may be with DirectX, but many of the concepts can be ported to any API. One of the best tutorial/reference books out there.

And that’s about it. END OF LONG RANT.

LuciferX 101 Oct 04, 2004 at 00:24

Programming, like being a Jedi, is all about who your mentor is, and how well you take to the training. I suggest finding a C++ teacher you like [like herbert schlitt ;)] and read a bunch of books by him. Once you have read entire shelf of books about the subject you should be ready to go. If you follow in the foot steps of greatness, then you will achieve greatness (or get lost). Or in my case I tryed to follow in the footstpes of Yoda, but they later turned out to be a stray tom-cats feet-prints. But that is another story.

And never, Never, steal someone else’s tag line!