Retrieving information about the video card

BombShell 101 Mar 16, 2004 at 10:01

Hi all,

What I need is to be able to retrieve information about the graphical capabilities of a system in OpenGL (C++). I can already retrieve the name of the video card through glGetString(GL_RENDERER), and I use Cg profiles to check for the availability of vertex and/or pixel shaders on the video card. But I would still like to retrieve some extra information. In particular , is there any way I can retrieve the clock speed of the video card installed in the system? Or does anyone have any other ideas which might be helpful/useful for my goal?

Thanks in advance!

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anubis 101 Mar 16, 2004 at 11:27

looking at the extension string might be useful for you as well
i don’t think that there is a way of knowing the exact clock speed. i don’t know why you would in the first place. you could build a database based on the cards name (or chipset). usually custom code paths are implemented for the chipsets. like one for the NV30 and one for the R300, etc. you know what i mean