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TheCell 101 Sep 19, 2003 at 18:29

Well, I already wrote an article about Genetic algorithm in the past, and now, I’m pretty bored, and so I want to write an article about Neural Network. The problem is about me not grasping the totality of the math behind the Back Propagation algorithm used to set the weights of the Neural Network. I think I can explain pretty well how Neural Network works, and give a small exemple, but my article wouldn’t be complete without talking about Back Propagation. And this is why I advertise my incoming article, so that one can write an article about Back Propagation, or if he wish to, teach me the logic behind it. I understand how Back Propagation works, I just don’t see the logic behind the math, and how it propagate through the Neural Network. If one is willing to teach me, I might go into detail about it in my upcoming article.


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dk 158 Sep 20, 2003 at 03:09

TheCell! Good to see you back.

I have never read up on that field, but I did a simple google search on “The Back Propagation Algorithm” and found some very interesting articles that might be helpful.

Writing an article Neural Network would be very good since it’s something unique. Looking forward to the article.