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Ed_Mack 101 Aug 14, 2003 at 05:48

What’s your favourite game genre? What type of game do you like to cuddle up with, and gets you all fuzzy inside? And what would you love to see added to these type of games? (Yes there is the whole do it yourself argument, but leave it!)

I personally adore olden day set real-time strategy games, like Age Of Empires. I love that game, but have got tired of it’s simple graphics and repetitive gameplay. I haven’t looked into age of Mythology due to not having a newish windows computer to run it on, but soon I hopefully will dual-boot that problem away on a nice newer pc. I tried Black and White, but it wasn’t really about building as much.

What I badly want, is a 3d based RTS, set on a nice lush grassy place that is very very open. You start off with some chunky little villagers, and some grassy tree area, and work from there. Building is a much more involved process or laying walls and floor, and then choosing the interior - decoration (simple, 1 click, not sims here :)), and then you can place things. A few fires for a cookhouse, some leather tools and a furnice for a blacksmith a lot later on, some beds (and a sign outside denoting visitor access) for a hotel.

Of course you can put a bed beside a leather workshop, but noise would be a problem.. but the people working could sleep there.

I would just love a game with this level of micromanagement, but still has independant villagers and whatnot.. perhaps I just want to escape suburbia (and perhaps I should have less time than this to rant about silly topics), but I would enjoy something open and warm :)

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anubis 101 Aug 14, 2003 at 11:36

adventure games…
mi 1,2 day of the tentacle… broken sword, simon the sorcerer… hmm, the good old days ! i’m looking forward to sam n’ max 2 and full throttle 2 this year as well as broken sword 3. does anybody remember toons truck ? it was kind of a comic adventure with cristopher loyd as a real human actor inside the comic world.