Interview with real life developers

moomin 101 Jul 09, 2003 at 08:08

Hi heads up to you all, the developers of Master Of Orion 3 will be holding a chat on IRC allowing you to discuss the game and the developemental process.

You can find them on ::

Maybe someone from dev master can get some excerpts up and maybe ask some revelvant questions.

EDIT oops maybe a time and date would be good ;>
also devmaster not the other Gdev d’oh :P

It will take place wednesday 9th (today)

11 am PST, that is 7 pm GMT and 8 pm CET

Use mIRC to connect

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anubis 101 Jul 09, 2003 at 14:21

cool, i’ll try to be there…
if i’m not there i’ll idle in the channel and safe a log for devmaster

dk 158 Jul 09, 2003 at 16:58

Very interesting. Thanks moomin for letting us know.
Getting a log would be fantastic.

I’ll try to be there.

Noor 101 Jul 09, 2003 at 18:37

Moomin, just in the future reference, you can submit such news in the submission link found in the main page. By doing that, more people can see it.

moomin 101 Jul 10, 2003 at 07:34

Ah okay cheers for that