Love and Hate Delphi

DarkLight 101 May 16, 2003 at 17:41

I love Delphi - just becouse of the great VCL (visual component library) library and the greatest JEDI-VCL. It makes life easy. I love Delphi for writting application for windows - for all high-level applications. Delphi is powerfull and easy tool. But I hate it for game development and low-level applications. Headers for Delphi is hareder to find than for C++, documentation/tutorials too and there are some bad thinks releated to the language itself. And it is harder to make team. And there is no cutting-time operators such +=.
Also, since Kylix were realesed, Delphi is good enought for cross-platform development
I think, I LOVE Delphi more than I hate it but I wanna writting games so C++ is needed

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Snape 101 Aug 15, 2003 at 09:26

My first post here :)

Of course tutorials for Delphi are harder to find than for C/C++ but after some time you can deal with it (I even think I now have some knowledge of C).

there are some bad thinks releated to the language itself

Tell me, what do you mean? Your example with the ‘+=’-Tag (if I understood it correctly) is in Delphi realized with Inc = Increment.

I think in general C/C++ is more popular because everybody used it before for game development but I do not see any things which make Delphi a worse language for gd.


DrunkenCoder 101 Aug 15, 2003 at 11:43

My guess is that C++ is a quite obvious choose to a broader range of applications than Delphi or any other language because of its support for multiparadigm programming, really the language didn’t get the industry adoption it has because of one single feature but for its completeness that all more specialized languages lack, on the other hand C++ is no silverbullet it doesn’t do many things as good as many other lesser used languages but it does mostly everything decently.

Use whatever tool gets the job done with the least amount of pain

JSoftware 101 Jun 21, 2004 at 13:37

i LOVE delphi! there’s no such thing in the whole world that can cure headache as fast as delphi.. (yes i just have to sit one hour till i’m doped with enough pascal codes. ahh) but delphi is cream of cream. i don’t know why it isn’t used more for the big ground breaking games. some people think that it is only for windows gui rad applications but.. it isn’t!

i can read c++ programs pretty easily and then convert headers and sourcecode if i really need to

:yes: delphi rox! :yes:

maybe c++ is a little better for gamedev but i still think delphi is hardly underestimated

flash2 101 Apr 15, 2005 at 08:44

i hate delphi when develop database application.

need more time to develop your database application when you compare with access, foxpro.

the ide is slow and always hang.

for lower level such as ocx, dll
most api / sdk come with c source, extra conversion / compiler may required.

i think delphi / kylix ‘s strong point is native win32 / linux native application.

flash2 101 Apr 15, 2005 at 08:47

note: delphi can do anything, but not good for something.