GL terrain demo preview.

Amithran 101 Mar 28, 2003 at 20:42

Decided to do a terrain engine, and to make things interesting, do one in GL(which i dont know). With a few tutorials, and a little inginuity I’ve created this beast:
Im sure a lot of you are thinking “12 fps!!! WOW, AMAZING, ASTOUNDINGLY – sucky”. Well heres the deal, I’ve implimented NO frame savers. I plan to add Occlusion culling, CLOD, and a few ideas of my own. I expect pretty high performance when im done. I also still have to convert my GL_TRIANGLE’s into some sort of face list, to save on vertexs. Lots of improvements here.

The terrain generation is completly my own, it wasnt takin from any tutorial. The texturing methods however, have been adapted from a few.

Planned Additions:
-weeds, trees, flowers and other small randomly generated sprites to pretty-fy the landscape.
-sky box, for nice cloudy days.
-sun system, that rotates around the world on a timer + ambiant moon lighting. These include visible sun and moon art.
-game ? probably not. Just a demo.

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dk 158 Mar 28, 2003 at 21:38

looks amazing!!!!! very impressive.

Would you be interested to make an article/tutorial on that? That would be an excellent addition to the devmaster contributions…

CyraX 101 Apr 07, 2003 at 14:00

what do you use to load the maps?? Are they some kinda bsp or just plain text maps?
you have infact done a good job. Just be careful that it doesnt end up being “just another demo”.
Create a small work outta it. Like fly thrus etc;
Also try to allow users to interact WITH phyziks.
You will surely be able to do well thereon.
Also write down how u did it…

donBerto 101 Apr 08, 2003 at 00:55

very nice! thanks for sharing - i myself am actually working on an LOD scheme for my terrain. it’s nice to know somebody else is working on a similar project.

keep up the great work.