Version 1.37 of MegaFiers Mesh Deformation and Morphing system for Unity released.

SpookyCat 101 Jul 14, 2011 at 22:49

MegaFiers is a mesh deformation and morphing system for Unity that allows for unlimited changes to a mesh to be applied either in the Unity editor or at runtime. You can stack modifiers on top of each other to easily apply bend, squash, stretch effects or any one of 30+ other deformations. Also MegaFiers provides an extensive morphing system with multiple channels and targets per channel and exporters are provided for 3ds Max, Blender and soon lightwave for pain free export and import of morph data and animations.

Move information can be found at the MegaFiers Website and videos on using the system can be found on the YouTube Channel MegaFiers is available now in the Unity Asset store for $100.

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