PixelLight 0.9.7-R1 released

COfenberg 101 Jun 24, 2011 at 06:19

The new version 0.9.7-R1 of the free open-source, cross-platform 3D application framework PixelLight has been released.

This release adds a script language independent script interface with support for global variables, global functions (C++ calls script and script calls C++), namespaces as well as RTTI objects (properties, attributes, methods, signals, slots). Within the SDK there's a Lua script backend and within the public Git repository are experimental script backends for JavaScript by using V8 (ECMA-262 compliant JavaScript engine), Python and AngelScript. To show the scripting in action, the application logic of the updated dungeon demo is now written within Lua scripts instead of C++.

Please have a look at the release notes for more information about the new features, changes and bugfixes. Download the SDK here.

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