3D Rad v7.16 Now Supports Massive Collision Detection

3D_Rad 101 Apr 01, 2011 at 11:23

3D Rad v7.16 comes with the ability to add hundreds of object collisions to your 3d games with little or no performance loss!

Also new this month is the ability to write, and immediately see in action, HLSL post-process shaders for the camera object.

3D Rad is a freeware, user-friendly 3d editor with a straightforward developing workflow and ready-to-use physics simulation. You can use it to create any sort of stand-alone, interactive 3d project for Windows 7/Vista/XP.

Ideal for CG artists and non-coders, but flexible enough to meet the needs of expert developers as well.

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darthsmurf 101 Feb 27, 2012 at 22:25

The latest engine version is 7.22 for those who donated before the author bailed. You can only download version 7.19 now. I am really disappointed in how things went. The developer posted that 3drad wasn’t going to be his main focus anymore but he would update it occasionally and the latest release would become public in a few months. That never happened. Its a shame because version 7.22 came with an easy way to do GUI windows. And what is a bigger shame is from my perspective this whole thing was a fraud. The history of this engine is it went from a few hundred smackers to $159 for the engine to just $5 for a donation for the developer to work on user requested features and with that $5 you also got the latest release of the engine which was always three months ahead of the free version. But when the developer bailed he took everyone’s money with him and no updates have been forthcoming. He entered into a contract with people who donated that the money would be used to develop features they requested. Basically if a feature cost $100 it would take 20 $5 donations before he would start work on that feature. So his plan was to use 3drad for a nice little cash cow. It wouldn’t be hard for someone who made that engine to create the user requested features for it and then just let those features sit on the shelf so to speak until he got enough people to “donate” for it. People could and did donate more than $5.

The engine works as it is but without future updates or fixes for its many bugs be prepared to get frustrated when trying to get out a project. Also the Nvidia software for physics wasn’t implemented properly by the developer in his engine. The old engine works much better for simulating physics in my opinion. I don’t mean to say Nvidia did it wrong I mean the developer of 3drad obviously jumped on the Nvidia bandwagon and didn’t integrate it in his engine properly. From what I understand according to his own statements about using the latest version of his engine to sell games he left it up to those who develop games with the engine to make sure they are legit with Nvidia. 3DGame Studio uses the Nvidia software for physics and it works much smoother and like expected. And 3DGame Studio also worked things out with Nvidia so anyone using their engine won’t have to contact Nvidia personally to sell a game made using 3DGame Studio. And of course since 3drad is now dead its version of the software from Nvidia is way out of date.

Basically if something is to good to be true it is. To make any commercial like game title you would need to learn its very weird scripting language. The language was touted as similar to C++, it most certainly is not! The developer integrated Anglescript into his engine but it’s not really anglescript. It has a lot of confusing functions the developer made himself that you need to use to get things done. You basically have a lot of lines of code to get something done that can be done with one line of code for 3DGame Studio, I’m not kidding! And the way the scripting for this engine is done it is very frustrating to code things that are simple to code in many other game engines. You can make a commercial title with this engine as it is but you will need to do way more coding that you would need to in any other engine if you want your title to look like modern eye candy in games. But indie developers are known for their games that work in comparison to big companies that make games that look great and are broken, like what Electronic Arts likes to do with their productions … a lot.

Yes I use 3D Game Studio. Yes I am unhappy with how the 3drad developer shafted all his customers, aka suckers … from his point of view.

I would use Unity maybe but 3D Game Studio doesn’t cost $3500. Unity does.

3DRAD was legit when it charged for the engine… maybe. But when the developer switched to pay per use like he did with the $5 donation thing… then it became a scam. It was a good marketing campaign though to get so many people on board but the way things ended up going it is obvious he saw his engine needed to be updated compared to all the other commercial engines out there and he didn’t want to spend the time or the money to do it so he did this little stunt about how he’s switching over to donation funding, which he wasn’t really. He needed some way to get people to give him money because obviously no one was buying or else he wouldn’t have done that little stunt of his. There’s a file on the developer with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for his stunt. He tried to say on his site this software is in compliance with the laws of the United Kingdom. If he was really legitimate he would know that when business is done online the U.S. has a law for online business transactions and the laws apply in the customer’s state of residence when they do business online. Basically if someone from the state New York buys something online from someone in Europe the company in Europe is held accountable to the state law of New York in regards to customers.

Time levels all things. Time has proved the developer of 3drad completely lack integrity, the author’s name goes down with Enron and MCIWorld, and the financial institutions that went the way of the dinosaur and needed a bailout a few years ago because of dishonesty.

It is a shame because if the author would have really fixed up his engine he could have done something really great. But maybe he was just a con artist from the beginning and maybe he really had no intention of ever truly succeeding in the pc game world, maybe he just wanted to steal others dreams on computing who wanted to actually do the gaming thing.