WP7 support, loads of features in SunBurn Engine

Anonymous Feb 07, 2011 at 16:01

Synapse Gaming’s SunBurn Game Engine has led the pack when it comes to technology for XNA. And their latest SunBurn update solidifies that commitment with full support for Windows Phone 7.

This is not some add-on or a small subset of the engine. Instead it includes all of the features and systems the hardware is capable of supporting, and using the same api, content pipeline, and design as on Windows and Xbox. This allows a game to run across all three platforms without any modifications, while still being able to take advantage of SunBurn's advanced features like deferred rendering, HDR, and more on Windows and Xbox.

Windows Phone 7 features in SunBurn include:
• Diffuse and emissive mapping
• Volume lighting
• Bloom / post-processing
• Baked-down lighting on static objects (see below)
• Composite lighting on dynamic objects (see below)
• Collisions
• Use the same scenes, light rigs, code, tools, and api on Windows, Xbox, and Windows Phone 7

SunBurn 2.0 also includes in-editor baked-down lighting, which generates light maps that render with none of the overhead of the real-time lighting (rendering nearly for free). This makes highly detailed lighting and shadows possible on Windows Phone 7 (which does not support dynamic lighting and shadows).

To learn more, and see SunBurn WP7 games and demos in action, go to SunBurn for WP7

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