quickest dude possible for a hand painted miniature (super quick modelling program idea)

rouncer 103 Feb 07, 2014 at 14:49

i dont mean this to sound like an advert, the program will be free of course. its just how im developing as a computer jerk. :)

Making assets all on your own, is so time consuming… so i had this idea, the only way your ever get a game done, is by making your textures first, and doing them in less than 5 minutes with textured brushes, then you algorythmicly craft the model from a front and back (you can use multiple parts if you need to) and they are just basicly blow up dolls, i imagine some effort could be put into the editor, to allow for crease shapes and things, but if it doesnt get done in one click dont bother with it.

then you basicly just depend on the texture for all the actual shape, that isnt even there. :)

heres the dude, he was done without trying, just to show you… but he looks like a poo gremlin, ive got a tendency to make brown pictures… ive got to sorta brighten up my art a bit. its simply a picture that has a pushed out centre, and thats where the idea starts.

just face it, your gonna have to whip em out, so it needs to automatic, and then make some nice terrain to go with them, have ambient shadows, then just plot your kit on it, and thatll do for all your buildings, and characters. get the assets done REAL quick…. like a model done in 5 minutes texture and all, thats what you need to do.

then half an hours work would be 6 models. then you can just give your neck a rest, but then it would take, for 100 assets, it would take 16 bouts. but thats just over 2 weeks, and youve got the full set there. but realisticly if you wanted em a bit more decent, it probably would take you a month, (with appropriate amount of rest breaks) to get to your 100 models.

then the game, has unique graphics.

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rouncer 103 Feb 07, 2014 at 20:18

just to show what digital croutons can do for your 2d stuff->


rouncer 103 Feb 07, 2014 at 22:34