Horror Game indie horror game amnesia/slender like very scary.

MrSpy3456 101 Feb 03, 2014 at 21:29 gaming

Hello I have been working on an indie game for a period of weeks and I just wanted to let some people know about this. My game is called One Starry Night and it is about a soldier who’s plane crashed (hopefully there will be a cut scene to demonstrate this but no promises). His crew have disappeared, he has found notes scattered around the area giving clues about how they got lost/killed. These notes also let you know where the vaccines are which lets you heal yourself.

The setting of this game takes place in the 1980s after a breakout in a disease which horrifically kills humans and sometimes turns them into wolves which hunt down blood to survive. Staying on the road can stop this from happening to a certain extend but you will have to leave the road every once in awhile. There is an axe which can be used to a limited extend. There are multiple guard posts throughout the map where you can find old supplies in fact in one area there is a functioning television which gives out a few clues to what happened also.

Key features:

  • Opening Doors
  • TV broadcasts that give out clues
  • Melee system
  • Flashlight system
  • Notes that can be read to find clues.

Youtube Channel: https:www.youtube.com/user/xmrspyx/

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