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Discuss link: Event: Workroom Barcelona Films & Games Art Direction (workroombarcelona.com)

Hello there! Im here to share some information that may interest some of you guys, especially to those who work in the videogame or film industry.

We are starting a new project, named “Workroom Barcelona”, to bring some of the most renowned international artist (within the audiovisual sector) to Barcelona.

Featuring Master Classes, Rountables, and expositions, this 3 day congress will always approach the film & videogame development form an artistic prespective, meaning that there will be no topics about the commercialization of the product nor marketing. Technical and artistic methods will be discussed instead, the speakers will share they knowledge about film and videogame design at a professional level.

Our first Workroom will take place in February and will be dedicated to ART DIRECION, the speakers will be art directors such: Marcelo Vignali (known for his works at Sony Pictures Animation and also for working in gaming companies such as Dynamix, Electronic Arts, Rock Star Games, World of Warcraft and Wizards of the Coast), Daniel Pérez (from Digital Legends Entertainment), Carles Grangel (art & character designer worked for Tim Burton, Spielberg, etc.)

I guess I will just put the link to our Webpage: http://workroombarcelona.com/ so you can check the all the info you like, and feel free to ask any questions!

PD: I forgot to tell you! there will be a section where the attendees will have the oportunity to show their work (in screen) to everybody.

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