Introducing Amplify Color - Advanced Color Grading for Unity Pro

AmplifyCreations 101 Dec 06, 2013 at 19:43

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We are happy to announce that Amplify Color, formerly known as Color3, is now available on the Unity Asset Store.

Amplify Color is one of the best Unity Extensions for Industry Level Color Grading. Extremely easy to use and to integrate in your project, no coding required.

An efficient color grading extension comparable to industry standards used in VFX and Film, future proof and high performance even on mobile devices. You wont need to purchase another color grading solution any time soon.

Any artist can pick up this extension and quickly get the desired results. Be it via the Photoshop connection or even with other software like Nuke or After Effects using the file mode, users will be right at home.

Other extensions may provide you with slow performing “filters” but Amplify Color provides you full control over your color matrix without compromising performance.

Amplify Color is the leading choice for professional, accurate and high performing color grading.

Take it for a spin with our fully functional watermarked trial and see for yourself: Direct Link

Amplify Color Video Overview

Arcus Web Demo

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