Introducing Amplify Texture - Massive Virtual Texturing for Unity Pro

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Dear customers and enthusiasts,

We hope our technology has Amplified your potential.

As you know Insidious Technologies, makers of the leading technology for virtual texturing in unity, Color3 and EasyFlow, is now Amplify Creations.

We are proud to announce that our new website is online, check it out and see what can be achieved with our technology.

Be sure to explore our showcase, we have some awesome Amplified projects to show you,among them you will find Simulations from NextSpace, Intelligent Animation, Iketube and videogames like Hardware-Shipbreakers from Blackbird Interactive or Red Frame from Basenji Games.

Amplify Texture Video Overview

Amplify Texture 2 is coming soon, we would like to invite you all to take advantage of our early adopter promotion.

Amplify Texture 2 will build upon the groundbreaking innovations introduced in Amplify Virtual Texturing, to bring the next step of hardware-assisted future-proof massive texturing technology to the tip of your fingers, while taking full advantage of improvements introduced since Unity 4. Whether you’re importing large-scale Satellite imagery, generating giant procedural terrains on World Machine, or painting high-resolution worlds and characters on MARI and MODO, this product will integrate seamlessly in your pipeline and help bring your creation to life.

  • Drag & drop integration, no coding required

    Multiple virtual textures up to 2M x 2M, or 4 Terapixel

    New real-time WYSIWYG editing mode with improved workflow

    New high-compression, high-performance texture compression

    Spherical page detection system, for fast view rotations

    Light-map and Displacement-map support

    Static batching support

    Unity Terrain support

    Anisotropic filtering

    High dynamic range (HDR) texture support

    World Machine, MARI and MODO integration

    Oculus Rift/VR support

    Hardware sparse texturing support

    Mobile support

    Comprehensive 3rd party plugin compatibility

    Baked Substance support

Pre-order now: * Save 20% over launch price

  • Includes Amplify Texture 1.5 License

  • Early access to development builds

  • Your chance to help shape this product

On Source Licensing options you also get 20% off, join us and help us shape the future of Amplify Texture 2.

Go to our website and try the latest version of Amplify Texture for free.

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