Esenthel Engine supports Oculus Rift

drean 103 Dec 01, 2013 at 01:14

Discuss link: Esenthel Engine supports Oculus Rift (

I’m pleased to announce that Esenthel Engine now has full support for Oculus Rift :)

For both Windows and Mac (Linux port is on the way).

I’ve uploaded a YouTube video for preview here:

You can grab a real-time demo (for Windows) from here:

Direct link here:

It runs in normal mode by default, but if you connect Oculus to it, then it switches to stereoscopic rendering.

Many thanks! :)


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TheNut 179 Dec 01, 2013 at 22:09

Not bad, I only have a couple recommendations.

  1. Are you forcing a 30 fps limit (with and without stereo)? I have an nVidia 670M, which I believe should run that demo a bit faster, but it seems capped.

  2. I think the floor is to reflective. When I have the rift on, combined with the colour scheme it looks like the floor is transparent. It just doesn’t feel right, though it could just be me.

  3. It would be nice to have full mouse view option. I like to sit back and relax while I explore. Head tracking is one of those cool things when you first get the VR, but I’m now only interested in the 3D projection.

Other than that, is there anything else you want to share about the Rift? Any personal experiences? Your thoughts on stereo vision and what you plan to do with it (aside from support it in your engine)?

– edit Forgot to mention a bug ;) When I plug the Rift in while the game is running, you switch to a stereo render, but no barrel distortion is applied. The IPD is also off as the two images do not converge.

drean 103 Dec 01, 2013 at 23:14

Hi, thanks for your comment :)

  1. I’m using extensively lots of advanced rendering techniques: like ambient occlusion, motion blur, glow, volumetric lighting, soft shadows, realtime reflections, realtime lighting and shadowing, smaa anti aliasing, etc. and of course stereoscopic rendering ;) therefore it’s very GPU demanding.

  2. If I’d be making a game out of it, then I’d probably add it.

My personal experiences - the idea is definitely exciting, however unfortunately I’m one of those people who suffer from motion sickness from it, so I can’t really use it for more than couple minutes haha. Since I’m an engine developer, and not a game developer, then I’ll just proceed to making other things in my engine (next one is making a Linux port), and I’ll leave playing with (and making games for) Oculus Rift to all of my clients, who are using my engine. I’m also interested to play around with Nvidia 3D Vision, but I don’t have a monitor yet that can support it, I’ll probably wait until those with G-Sync come out and get one.

I’ve made it so the barrel distortion and chromatic aberration are applied only when you connect HeadMountDisplay (through HDMI cable). When you connect just with USB cable, then only sensor gets activated, and stereo but without the barrel+chroma.

Thanks again for the comment :)

Kridian 101 Jan 14, 2014 at 18:58

I got 220 fps on my 680GTX. Very impressed with this example level. Would love to see how Esenthel could handle a more taxing benchmark like Unigine’s Valley demo.