3DModels-Textures: Sci-Fi Corridors 3.

dexsoft 103 Nov 22, 2013 at 11:30

Dear Friends,

We just published new pack: Sci-Fi Corridors 3.

This pack contains 33 decoration models and 6 corridors. All textures are based on our sci-fi textures 6 pack (up to 2048). Each of these textures comes with additional maps like normal, specular, light and height map and work perfect even with parallax/relief shaders.
* FREE sample LEVEL (map)! Effects included in map are part only in UnityFormat (check video). Rest formats have only geometry.
We assembled one level for you so you can extend it very fast. Level is still made from groups, so you can remove corridor which you dont like and extend it easy.

First week discount offer only 19.99€
instead of 29.99€
33% discount!

More details on: www.3DModels-Textures.com

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