Looking for 2d artist to generate vector art for my game

joshjewell29 101 Nov 13, 2013 at 02:45 2d indie art

Hello my name is Joshua Jewell and I have been creating indy games on the side for about 7 years. I am currently developing a game and am the sole developer / game designer. I am looking for a contract artist to generate the content for this game.

The game I am developing is a cross between boggle and tetris attack. Each player has a game board and as they clear tiles by forming words they drop tiles on their opponent. The first player to overflow loses.

A demo of the game can be player here:

Here is a link to another of my games: http://www.kongregate.com/games/joshuajewell/check-flag

Here are a list of the assets required for the game: (I am unsure of resolutions so I would want vector art)

  • 8 unique characters with the following animations (attack, idle, defeat, excited, special effect)
  • 8 backgrounds, one for each character
  • button artwork for the following states ( regular, mouse over, pressed )
  • Main Menu Screen
  • Shop menu screen
  • pop up screen ( background, border )
  • Tile set with all letters ( a-z ) 4 different colored tiles.
  • Burning tile image
  • Frozen tile image.
  • Any tile image ( a tile that can be any letter )
  • Game board artwork ( tile section and character info area )
  • Tile selection artwork
  • Grouped Tile image ( for when tiles are dropped and the group needs to be broken apart )
  • Sound ( mute / unmute ) button
  • Music ( mute / unmute ) button
  • Win and Lose text for the end of a game
  • Special bar assets ( border, fill, empty background )
  • Time asset for when the player is overflown
  • Animation for when a tile is removed
  • Animation for when a group is broken If interested please e-mail me at joshjewell29@hotmail.com and include the following:
    1. A link to your portfolio
    2. A bid for the project
    3. A timeline for project completion

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