pop packets

rouncer 103 Oct 25, 2013 at 22:22

its like i cant think of it, but pop packet logic, has got to be something im going to persue.

people will ask me … what the hell is a pop packet.

magnus says, see a pop packet, is a bit of data that repeated, and was snipped out of the datastream, pop packets can also be sequences of smaller pop packets, and it is a word, or syllable, or catch phrase, even can be like the movements of a dog honed and chopped out of the rest of the data there. they are clever, but they are just segments of experience, not concepts. they are “pop” packets because the rule of correct data over anomolous data is all the correct data is there more often than the mistakes. the theory of the brain im going with, uses them, but im looking for the “logic of the pop packets” in the pop packet system, your going to get millions of different pop packets, they are all specific things, and a group of them, will mean a relation, but the only way to get a relation is to manually craft it.

popular packets compression, make for a .pp compression and its like the ultimate in huffman code.

just say a pp file, scans the exact top order of popular words in the data, crafting them. because thats what happens in htm. if it even stored them in a heirarchy, shit yeh, so its even got longer sequences made of the shorter sequences. compress like a beauty baby.

ascii writing, would pop to nothing.

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