Matali Physics 2.4 supports native C++ game development

komires 101 Oct 03, 2013 at 07:43 physics-engines native

We are proud to announce that Matali Physics v2.4 introduces support for native C++ code, the industry standard in the video game industry. The native versions of Matali Physics, Matali Render and Matali Content are now available to all licensed developers. Written in native C++, Matali Physics engine and all its additional modules combine good performance with the ease of programming (programming is similar as in C#).

•Key features and benefits of native core introduced in version 2.4: ◦A complete manage core counterpart ◦Written in modern C++11 ◦Optimized for multi-core CPUs ◦Can be used with any math library ◦Ready for latest mobile devices and game consoles

•The native version of Matali Physics includes demos with full source code written in C++ for the following operating systems: ◦Windows 7 ◦Windows 8 ◦Windows Phone 8 ◦Windows RT

Version 2.4 introduces significant changes in the development and applications of Matali Physics engine. We will be happy to see Matali Physics used in casual, crossover and hardcore games on modern mobile devices and next-generation consoles.

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