ClanLib 3.0.0 C++ Game SDK has been released

rombust 102 Sep 26, 2013 at 12:10 opengl directx

Discuss link: ClanLib 3.0.0 C++ Game SDK has been released (

The ClanLib C++ Game SDK has had new major features added since the previous release, these include:

DirectX 11 was added as a render target.

On Windows, there are now no dependencies, so you can simply download the SDK and know that all components are using a Zlib style software license.

To enhance the speed of the SDK, the 2D management code was separated. It was placed on a higher level class Canvas. For 3D operations, the GraphicContext is used, without any overhead.

ClanLib has been updated with the latest OpenGL 4.4 API.

New packages were included for 2D collisions, 3D collisions, and 3D scene management.

See here for more detailed release notes .

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