an entire game with implicit surfaces?

rouncer 103 Aug 14, 2013 at 18:12

I sorta came up with idea I could make a program that uses a single equation at a time over time that even has bounding circles in it for objects that have to move (youd have maybe 20 max youd reuse over and over) and use this as the basis for a raytraced game engine.
I sorta supply a batch of variables that a user modifies to keep the game going in his visual studio project i make a raytracing skeleton for.

To grab the implicit surfaces I use binary honing with vertical down shooting rays firing less rays the further from the camera. then using this as a set of overlapping displacement maps even code global illumination with lights declared in the actual equation. so its quadtree raytracing, as aposed to octree raytracing, which i really just cant be bothered doing…

it would be strange making an equation for a character, but i spose it could come with modifyable variables to make all the characters different, an equation for a person is a strange idea, but it could be kooky. :)

the landscapes would be breathtaking tho, thats what implicit is all about. i wonder if i could access a fractal with binary honing, as long as it was solid in one direction i could do it, after the first hit, i hit one of the overlaps, then i go in and out from there over and over, for maybe up to 20 hones of 20 surface detecting samples (am i higher, or am i lower, adjust associated extent, etc), and i should get nearly all of them eventually.

It sorta needs land all at the bottom, its got to hit once at least, before you can find the rest.

Would definitely be something new, because I just am tired of games that take ten trillion megs to store, when if it was all implicit, its just a compiled shader with every surface in the game in it.

People could swap and share their equations, it would be possibly a lot of fun.

Something on the side I could do when trying to make my master control program. hehe

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rouncer 103 Aug 14, 2013 at 18:19

actually I thought again and maybe its harder than that, I can only find a random occlusion, I cant find the rest with binary honing, oh well…