SoLoud audio engine release

Sol_HSA 119 Aug 01, 2013 at 06:41 api sdl audio

I’m somewhat happy to announce the first release of SoLoud audio engine.

SoLoud is a simple, easy and free c/c++ audio engine for games. The source code should be portable, and has no external dependencies.

Currently it depends on SDL for audio stream output, but implementing other back-ends should be relatively simple.

Documentation and downloads can be found at:

A youtube clip of the demos included:

  • Simplest: plays a short speech through the speech synth, then quits
  • Piano: using a simple sine wave sound source and built-in faders, a simple piano application
  • Multimusic: plays two streamed ogg soundtracks and a sound effect.

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Sol_HSA 119 Nov 09, 2013 at 13:42

New release, with lots and lots of changes, including..

  • PortAudio, winmm, oss, wasapi, xaudio2 and openal back-ends
  • Simplified cleanup - no separate cleanup functions per back-end
  • Simple cross-platform thread support for back-ends that require it
  • Filter interface revamped
  • Echo, fft and biquad resonant (low/high/bandpass) filters
  • Switched from ffft to a simpler (and slower) fft implementation
  • Faders can now oscillate
  • wav/ogg files can be loaded from memory
  • AudioInstance -> AudioSourceInstance rename
  • SoLoud core split into a bunch of source files to keep things manageable
  • Various changes aiming at multi-channel support; hardcoded stereo support removed
  • Audio samples no longer interlaced to simplify filter processing
  • Simplified init and wave loading by removing useless options or moving them to constants in soloud.h
  • Mixing busses implemented
  • Visualization via FFT or waveform supported, requires init flag to work
  • Resampler interface and linear resampler
  • Granularity of audio buffers fixed to a small value, configurable via soloud.h
  • Per-sample volume faders
  • Reworked old and added more example applications
  • Premake4 script for project files to generate static libraries
  • Reorganized files for easier handling (single include directory, etc)
  • Lots and lots and lots of bug fixes and mixer rewrites

as before, available at along with documentation in pdf, mobi, epub and html formats.