PPC Ads for indie games? Or what else?

touch_the_sky 103 Jul 23, 2013 at 11:08 business indie

Hi everyone,

Any indie gamedevs here who had success with any sort of Pay Per Click advertising of their games (Or perhaps Pay Per Purchase / Install might be more suitable wording here)?

I mean, there are so many platforms and what not - Steam, Apple (iAds?), Adnroid, tons of things like Big Fish, etc.

But does any of them actually offer an equally epic solution as what PROPERLY managed Adwords Campaign does for Websites / Web Services / Products (in terms of Ad audience, return on your spending)? As in - did any of them work for you (rather than what they say on the website they do)?

So, in other words - where would it be worth to submit your game, as long as you’ve got some Ad budget?

If not PPC - how’s your money best spent on promoting your indie game?



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