advice on the best schools in either bc or alberta.

jmgek 101 May 15, 2013 at 15:41

hey guys I’ve been interested in video games for the last couple years and I want to get into game development mostly into the programming or 3d design. And I’m wondering what what would be the best school to go to in either vancouver BC or Calgary Alberta. I know how to code and I’m able to use program such as 3d Max and I can do or learn almost anything myself but I want to certificates in order to get hired onto a bigger company.
the school that I have been looking at is the Art Institute a Vancouver and they want 56, 000 for a year and a half degree not even counting living expenses and other things. I looked at their hire rates for students that graduated and it’s about 56 percent in entry level testing. I don’t know if I want to be in debt for a few years just to be a game tester.. So if you had any advice or what I should do I would really like to hear it thank you. Or any other advixe to get me started would help me out a lot.

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lightxbulb 101 May 19, 2013 at 10:48

First of all I don’t think you need to pay enormous fees/tuitions to learn programming games. If you want a certificate I think it is enough to take up computer sciences in some univeristy you find to be good - many universities have scholarships and financial aid - I do not think it is a good idea to take enormous loans just to have a certificate - a university doesn’t need to have an amazing tuition fee to be good.
Another point I would like to make is that a certificate is not enough to become a game programmer - read this:…ce/lesson49.htm
I’d advise you to read more on the site and not just what I posted from it.

I think your motivation and actually what you learn yourself is a lot more important than just a degree - it’s not enough to just get a degree - it’s a really good idea to get one if you want to work in game programming especially one in computer sciences, math etc. but this still isn’t enough. I’d recommend you to read some books and do some projects in addition and even while you’re studying:

Game Coding:

3D and Rendering:




I’d recommend C++ as it’s a really powerful and versatile language, however that’s really up to taste so you can use whatever you want, anyways here are some links:

Some beginner books:…eywords=C%2B%2B…eywords=C%2B%2B…eywords=C%2B%2B…ual+studio+2012…eywords=C%2B%2B
Tutorials etc:

Btw this article may help you too:

Many links could be added to this list - that’s just a list you can try to start from. A little search in google will provide you with a lot more material than these link shere.