Who on this forum is applying to IGAD this year?

TTTNL 101 Apr 14, 2013 at 00:14

I’ve been learning to program since last November using the well known tutorials on this website. Like many of you know i have been ~~spamming~~ posting on this forum with a lot of topics about specific programming things, but i haven’t seen a lot of topics from others who are doing these tutorials. The deadline for the programming assignments for the IGAD study course is th 17th of May so there is only about a month left to submit.This made me wonder if i am just that ~~bad~~ unskilled or if there are even other people doing these tutorials? I do see a lot of views on all of the topics i made, so i guess the information is being used. Comment if you are doing the tutorials or applying to IGAD this year and tell something about your experience with the tutorials.

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hope_industries 101 Apr 18, 2013 at 22:42

Hey there! I am applying for IGAD this year and also doing the tutorials for the entry. Currently at part 11. The tutorials are pretty good, not sure if it’s because I already have experience with other languages or the tutorials are just that good haha. In any case, hoping to round the tutorial as soon as possible so I can start on the bubble themed game