Days of Valor

KilroyGames 101 Apr 01, 2013 at 00:46 multiplayer

Days of Valor

Kilroy Games:
Kilroy Games is a strong believer in community development and actively listens to the ideas and feedback of it amazing audience to make our games better by design.

What is Days of Valor?
Days of Valor is a first person wartime shooter. Focusing on teamwork, tactics, and squad based strategy to defeat your enemy. Defeating your enemy will not be an easy task. Kill your enemy and they will respawn. But siege control of vital tactical regions on the map, and cut off their supply lines will leave them without ammunition or medical supplies. Forcing them to retreat further and further into friendly territory until there is nothing left but your judgement.

As a player you will progress through a living world, a harsh war torn environment that is as unforgiving as your enemy. You will be at odds with enemy forces, and nature itself. With a completely dynamic weather system effecting the battlefield in real time.

We are taking a big risk with our interpretation of what we think an FPS should be about. Its no longer about racking up 10,000 kills. It’s about controlling regions and supply lines. If you fail to work as a team, fail to capture regions of the map, or let your supply lines fall into enemy hands, you will run out of War Supplies and be overrun by enemy forces.


How can we improve:
Now we have finished a large part of the design document we want to release a section of it every week to the community and ask you what we should Add/Change/Remove. This is the first section what do you think?

We Need You:
Concept Artist: Hard or Soft Surfaces, Free hand or Digital Pen.
Web Designer: General Layout, Buttons, Menus, Logos

Kilroy Games

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rouncer 103 Apr 01, 2013 at 01:07

nice artwork, it would be a good bar height for a professional game.

HeadClot 101 Apr 01, 2013 at 01:14


nice artwork, it would be a good bar height for a professional game.

Hey rouncer - Thanks for the compliment!

If you can check us out on IndieDB and the like. We have more Renders and the like there!

Alienizer 109 Apr 01, 2013 at 01:24

I like the FPS idea you described. It’s better than simply going around a kill monsters that are in the way. What I like the most in a FPS is a huge map (really huge), with lots of little details, like picking locks, finding a tool to bust a metal door down, find amos and new weapons (or course), or acquire them from the enemy.

I like some free time (no fight), so I can investigate the area, go inside structures, roofs, underground etc. More like, the enemy is not simply everywhere, but in groups in different locations, so I can get some peace sometimes. I don’t like the AI to reveal my location to the enemy 24/7 because they all go after me no matter where I am, I hate that, it’s always fight fight fight. I like it more real life. If I go someplace and they see me, they can come after me, and if I can hide good, they’ll regroup and let me go, basically.

I like the scenery to vary a lot. Night time, day time, rain, snow, wind, old destroyed building, new futuristic buildings, caves etc. while still looking within the look it was designed to be, like in 1942, or year 2350, or even 5000 BC, all of which have a unique look, but still can have a lot of variety.

I don’t like and never will like online FPS. Too many either super good players, or cheaters. I like to play at my own pace without the need to be connected to the Internet.

I don’t like to be killed and have to restart a “level” over and over. I give up. What I like is to be captured and made prisoner instead, and it’s up to me to find a way to escape, never die, the game goes on forever.

Now if you make a game like this, I’ll pay $300 for it, because I know I can play for months, and really be in the game.

Another thing to consider is crossed eye 3D capability. This render does it, and it’s absolutely amazing (go to their forum in the gallery, 3D). It looks so real, better than 3D glasses. Now I would pay $500 for a game that can do that. Now that we have very wide monitors, it’ll be easy.