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lucidtanner 101 Mar 21, 2013 at 16:59

I’m trying to ask around to get some advice on how to build a game system for a game I’m protoyping. I’m just starting out in game development just for fun. I’m still very new to programming honestly. I consider myself more of an asset artist.

Anyways, I thought of an interesting game concept but I would like to get some technical advice on how I should go about doing all of this. I’m working in Unity by the way. And since I don’t know much about scripting yet, I’m usuing a visual scripting tool for Unity called uScript, which I highly recommend. It’s basically UDK’s Kismet for Unity.

So in this game, I basically want the player to be able to equip a hatchet or an axe of some kind, and chop down a tree. The way I want this to work is, while in first person view, the player walks up to their tree of choice and presses a button to enter a “tree chopping” mode. The crosshair in the center of the screen will highlight a small area on the tree, in the shape of a notch, wherever the play looks. The small highlighted area will represent where the player will start chopping and where the notch will actually appear. So once the player clicks where they want their notch, an animation starts playing of the character chopping away at the tree and what not. Eventually the tree falls. Here’s where I need the technical help. I want the tree to fall using realtime physics in Unity. So depending on whether the player made the notch on the north side of the tree or west or whatever, it will fall that way realistically. Also, I want a stump to be left behind that is relative to where the player chopped the tree and of course have the fallen tree be the relative size, and have the end where it was chopped be modeled to look like it was chopped. I figure if I just model the different states of tree and switch them out really quick? I would have 1. the standing tree model that acts as a constant piece of scenery 2. the stump of the tree after it has been chopped and 3. the fallen end of the tree that is able to react to physics. So once the chopping is done I just switch the standing tree model with the stump and standing part of the tree.

I hope I made sense there. I don’t want to know the knitty gritty of programming this, I just want some general technical ideas of how I can do this as realistically as possible. The game environment will be a huge forest with hopefully respectable graphics. So should I model several different species of trees and then model stumps and physics enabled trees for each scenery tree and switch them out really quick? And how can I make sure they fall in the direction theyre suppose too. If I can make this work well, my plan is to allow the player to take their hatchet and furth chop the tree up however they want, into logs they can use. Build shelters with, chop into firewood, throw at wolves to avoid death, etc. How would you do this? Thanks.

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fireside 141 Mar 21, 2013 at 17:36

Your the only one that knows your modeling and programming abilities, so the implementation has to come from you. All I can say is, a tree falling down isn’t a game. It’s best to get the game working with simple graphics and then make them look better after it’s designed.