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Hi everybody,

Im Dan from CODE Team, 2 people team called Creative Output Development (CODE)

When I said im going to develop games, everybody said NO - you don’t have fancy game development education, you must have at least 4 years of experience, be realistic, get real job like your friends, you never gonna get girlfriend without a job, girls don’t like loosers then stop dreaming and get a job, you are
not good enough, you don’t have millions of dolars for office, workers, licenses, equipment give it up! today id software, dice, rockstar games are a big shots do you really think you and your friend can compete with them? “Im just tellin this for you own good” not to bring you down, your plan won’t work its just impossible, and look at your friends they have famillies, children, apartment in a loan, stable “good” job, a car and what do you have Daniel? nothing, you are broke, no money, no job, you didn’t even finish your engineering degree.
I didn’t pay attention to all of this crap and guess what? I actually make games :) I didn’t listen to that NO, the best way to start making games is to DO IT!
What happens when somebody says I can’t do it? I DO IT.
There is no “maybe”, I wanna make games, hard work beats talent to the knees, Whatever it takes I WILL DO.
If I won’t believe it, who else will?
I will use that attitude as a blueprint for the rest of my life.

I would love to tell our story maybe you guys might be interested in taking a look at.

Our Story
1) CODE – the beginning.
I’m Jarek. Right now I am about to graduate Electrical Engineering degree. Normally I wouldn’t even think about game development as my carer but chain of events happened that set me on that path. First of all I always have dreamed about being programmer and because of that I started to learn programming very early. I wrote my very first program in C when I was 12 and since then I never discontinued my passion for programming. In time I tried very different languages and styles but never committed to any of them. When I started my studies I already known most programming languages used there. There where not many as this was electrical department and we focused mainly on micro controllers. One of main events that set me on my new path was meeting with cousin that graduated Technical University. We ended up talking about game development as a job. He was first person that told me that it was not a bad choice for career and gave me lots of encouragement. I didn’t think that I had necessary skills because designing software differs greatly from programming hardware. After giving this some thought I realized that my hardware programming skills will become my advantage. When you think about it the very first games where made by electrical engineers. Then about month later my childhood friend proposed that we could build our own game. Full of doubts but determined I accepted his proposition. Shortly after we started my doubts have diminished and found myself learning and experimenting all day long. Soon with practice I learned all I needed to create our first game.
My story offers only a small piece of wisdom.
1) Never give up your dreams. You have ability to shape your reality just as reality can shape you.
2) You have to gain trust In yourself. For me to gain that inner strength I had to put my trust in others that had faith in me. In time I gained trust in my abilities.
3)There is always room for improvement. Never stop learning.

I’m Dan,
When I started my College IT Engineer degree (2008) I wanted to be an sys_admin I found a job as help desk junior admin in hosting company, I loved servers but I also loved perfection and in help desk job after 3 years I was frustrated mostly because of customers and endless emails from them.
On summer I went from Gdynia (Poland) to Dublin (Ireland) and got hired by big gaming company. My long CV of hosting skills and passion for games since child helped me with getting job, I also was lucky to know english and polish (more languages you know better for you).
My job title was ‘Quality Assurance Game Tester’, I quickly figure out that big company people are not “god like” they are mortals like Me and You.
People there inspired me, it was like heaven for gamer in every single day.
My main objective was to see how this big colossus works from the inside, I was curious about everything.
After summer I went back to Gdynia to continue my College degree, I changed my plans from being an sys_admin to game tester, I had a map on my wall and marked Vancouver EA Games QA as my another direction.
During my last years of college I found an internship (2011) as 3d artist in small gaming company, I learned 3dsmax in 28 days from tutorials and Blender in 9 days and I love Blender since then.
Some day after I was fired, they told me I was not good enough, I was burning inside not only of that reason and that I was first in my life fired.
I was enraged because I was working after work till late to speed-up my skills to be as good as other people there, I wanted to be the best with big ambitions and was treated like piece of ****.
I regretted that I went back to my country for small salary (500 euro/week Dublin, 125 euro/month on internship Gdynia) and to continue my useless college degree that didn’t learned me anything.
I quickly realized that college don’t give me guarantee of stable good payed job, and job is based on hope. I started to thinking about my own company, making better games and treating employee like human not like cog.
2) I need backup!
2 January 2012
I proposed my childhood friend Jarek to join me on making our own games, and he said Yes.
Our ENTJ/INTJ Team work amazingly perfect and we were like a sponge, starting to read lots of books. We started to contact everybody in the industry, and didn’t think that I will ever talk to Trip Hawkins (Founder of EA), one of my dots connected from my map, it was QA EA Games, but QA changed from quality assurance to questions and answers from Founder of EA and I was delighted.
After checking out histories of other companies there are two similar patterns:
1) 1-3 founders
2) ridiculous, sickening work ethic.
We changed our logo and name couple of times, first it was Epileptic Games but we figured that word Epileptic was inappropriate, then it was badpixel but it was taken, after that we figure out RAGE (Really Awesome Games Entertainment) influenced by DICE (Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment) but there was one problem, id released game called RAGE, finally Jarek proposed CODE (Creative Output Development) and we were happy with that name.
It’s hard to work from home where family distracting you every 5 seconds, after release of our first game called Very Little Monsters we are planning to get office.
We started Very Little Monsters knowing nothing, we started from scratch. Reading motivational books kept us inspired and determined, one brick at a time and soon you have a wall - Will Smith.
We started excersise to keep our sanity and health in good shape (fire dance, running, gym, krav maga, boxing).
Books was our main source of absolutely everything, In my early years I have hated books, the main problem was that books in school didn’t caught my attention, now im reading books like crazy, its almost like Neo from matrix “I know kung-fu”.
We found as much about tasks and time management as we could google.
Hope it is useful for someone that lost his job and his entire world and faith collapsed in blink of an eye.
Always remember that hard work beats talent to the knees, you have 24 hours every day, use it.
Don’t listen to people that don’t make games, they don’t have a bloody clue what are you talking about, “3d mesh? Whats that!” if they cant do it – they will tell that YOU can’t do it, so always ask people that make games. Never let failure to be an option, as long as you wont give up you wont loose! When life beats you down you get up, when they shut doors, you can go back by window.
Work hard, there is no other way around.
-CODE Team.

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Good luck guys.