DX.Next: The Future of Hardware Graphic Acceleration

Anonymous Apr 13, 2004 at 06:23

Digit-Life has posted an article about DirectX Next, the upcoming version that will follow DirectX 9.0. The author discusses the current and future generations cards and the features they will offer.
NVIDIA's new architecture will finally obtain the long-anticipated MRT feature allowing writing several color values from a single pixel shader to different buffers. Besides, they mention good support of floating-point frame buffer (both write and blending.) Thus exactly this generation will enable us to speak of the fully-fledged floating-point color values in both calculations, and frame buffer. We are also likely to see some new floating-point texture features in pixel shaders, e.g. bilinear filtering. It's not clear how ATI is going to implement these, but, most likely, floating-point frame buffer blending will be realized anyway. Besides, it will already be the second GPU generation with gamma correction in pixel calculations.
The article can be found here.

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