what can i do in devmaster

frenom 101 Feb 18, 2013 at 14:52

I want to make a game but it is quite complex and I want to know if all I need this in devmaster:

  1. can i make this real-time game and not in the middle ages?
  2. can i make the characters to be hidden in a particular place?
  3. can the character lift things from the floor to use in a fight?
  4. can the character lift objects from the floor to build something?
  5. can i make the character build things like weapons, potions or a car?
  6. can i make the character to pay to find a place?
  7. can i change the way you fight to avoid being like the final fantasy’s mode?
  8. can i get money from the enemies?
  9. can i put prices on everything I want?
  10. can i make some game characters give me missions and getting paid for them?
  11. can i put people to work in different places and therefore give me resources?
  12. can i have a team to follow me?

If you can, explain how to do all this things. thank you for your answers

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v71 105 Feb 18, 2013 at 15:09

Those answers are not relative to devmaster or any other game development forums, basically you are looking for information on how to make your dream game, i think the most correct question would be which language do i need to make this game ? which engine ?
My best guess , would be Unity and c# , but if you want a deeper understanding i’d say c++ and directx or opengl , but this requires a considerable amount of work before seeing anything on screen.