more where to start info please :) and introduction :)

Heterodon 101 Jan 23, 2013 at 03:24

Let me begin by saying its great to be hear and i look forward to seting and realizing new goals :) .

I am a student of journlism at the University of North Alabama. I enjoy herping in my free time (snakes) .in fact i

love snakes i have many breeding plans in which i will manipulate mutations via Punnett square. mostly corn snakes but i plan to move into hog nose soon. :)

So this semester i will be developing my first website with a few of my fellow classmates. very excited about that !

as far how much i have done with games

i have programmed ini files for tiberian sun
built map files using final sun
created 3D units by voxel files.
played around with unreal engine but failed :(

(for my goals) i would like to make simple mods for games such as skyrim, etc//// (YEARS FROM NOW help design a game)

I know there is alot to learn, but I have the will!

so i guess its obvious i must learn to use game engines and learn c++

so given my skill where would i go to learn to create mods?

please looking for more direction than the pinned post

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fireside 141 Jan 23, 2013 at 03:46

so i guess its obvious i must learn to use game engines and learn c++

Not if you want to make a Skyrim mod. You should probably start learning Python and write some text programs in it. After that, you should just download the Creation Kit for Skyrim and learn the scripting language that comes with it. It will be much easier to learn if you already know Python.